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British TV show is arriving in Auckland looking for New & Exciting Food & Drink Innovation


The British TV show, Tried & Tested is on a mission with an 8 Country, 8 City, 8 day innovation tour, arriving in Auckland on the 9thth December on the fourth leg of the journey around the World. With just 24 hours to discover what is new and exciting in the City of Auckland and see what New Zealand has to offer with new food, drink and kitchen innovation on this fast paced tour.

This is an opportunity for emerging NZ brands and artisan producers to feature on the TV show in its innovation segment. The segment also includes the opportunity to have their products fast tracked to the UK and around the World to be launched at innovation “pop ups” in major cities around the World, with introductions to major retailers and their journey is documented as part of the show.

The show just launched a number of new innovation products in London including Edible Spoons from Chicago and the new and exciting Eco munch food bowl, a bowl that you can actually eat, an exciting innovation found in South Africa. What will be discovered in Auckland and New Zealand? The show’s executive producer, Andrew Mellon says “we are able to move incredibly quickly and get product in the front of viewers, the media around worldwide and the public within days of discovering something new”

Mellon is hopeful that Auckland will produce exciting and ground-breaking ideas during the show’s visit. Tried & tested, also are building a team of correspondence in every major city across the World, who will be feeding in information daily into its Live Feed. The show has offices in London and Los Angeles, giving the show a unique edge on food trends and innovation. 

Editors Notes:
The Global Food Innovation Tour run from Wednesday 6th December until 13th December 2017. Launching in London and visiting Seoul, Tokyo, Brisbane, Auckland, Santiago, Miami and Grenada.

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